About Me

I uniquely support women just like you because I’ve been where you are.

You love what you do and yet…there are days where it’s simply all too much.

You’re a female entrepreneur, a small business owner, a woman in leadership. You are also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague and so much more.

You’re tired, drained, exhausted, lonely, frustrated and you’re not sure how you’ll manage

one more day because it feels like everything is about to break.

These are all insanely lonely roles to manage with a lot of moving parts.

My background and training allows me to integrate techniques to help you overcome personal challenges so you can create more balance, confidence, and ease in your life and business.

I’m here to tell you…

You don’t have to carry the weight on your own anymore.

I know exactly what it takes to experience balance and ease so you can live confidently.

I’ve been at the top of my company, the one making the decisions every day as well as leading a team. There were times when I rocked it and celebrated! There were times when I screwed up and had to apologize to those I was supporting.

I was used to being the problem solver, the fixer, the answer’er, the encourag’er…since these are some of my greatest strengths. This also makes them my greatest challenges. (Grab more fun facts about me here…)

I didn’t know who I could rely on when my inner-critic, or the “heckler”, started taking swings at me…until I realized that I didn’t have to keep going it alone. I found someone who I could talk to, who could help me deal with the deeper questions of when and how to navigate through the murky waters of leadership while still honoring who I was.

It took me much too long to find someone who really understood my struggles…and once I did I wished I had reached out sooner. I discovered what was holding me back and how to cultivate my own balance and ease and now I’m determined to help women just like you!

There is someone who will help you carry the heavy weight of responsibility of #allthethings…

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