Kendall P. Weinberg

kendallKendall P. Weinberg came to Athens in 2000 to obtain a master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Georgia. During the summer between her first and second years in graduate school, she began volunteering at Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences, Inc. (MARR), Women’s Recovery Center.  It was during this time she discovered her passion for work with women, groups and the transformative powers of relationships.  After graduating, she was hired by the MARR Women’s Recovery Center as a Day Treatment Counselor serving women overcoming the disease of addiction.  She was quickly promoted to the position of Residential Manager and then WRC Director in 2005. During her tenure at MARR she enjoyed working with groups, individuals, and their families to facilitate empowerment, incorporate the principles of recovery, and create a balance in physical, spiritual and emotional health.

She left her position at MARR in the spring of 2013 out of a desire to work more closely with her home community of Athens.

Kendall offers additional support in the following areas: Grief & Loss, Groups, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Continued support with Substance Abuse & Addiction, Transition & Adjustment Issues, Women’s Issues and Trauma.

Kendall has fifteen years of experience helping others discover or rediscover the innate strengths that will allow them to align their beliefs, emotions and values for a more fulfilling life.  She believes in the power of relationships to assist in identifying parts of ourselves that need more nurturing or have been holding us back.  Though she is well versed in classic therapeutic techniques, she believes that the true power of the therapeutic relationship comes from allowing the most vulnerable parts of ourselves to have a voice, be heard, and accepted.  She is adept at seeing an individual in the context of their world (relationships, work, physical habits), and noting how patterns in one area may be impacting the others.  She has a calm, centered demeanor, which creates a space for openness and acceptance.  She also models the ability to find humor in the creative ways life brings important lessons to our attention.  She knows that change is hard, that we are often resistant to it, and that it’s helpful to have a patient guide along the way to remind us of the lighter moments during the struggle.

In her spare time, Kendall enjoys reading, watching college football, freshwater fishing, writing, and traveling with her husband.  She also participates in local women’s book and writing circles.  She has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia since 2006 and maintains membership with the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about how Kendall can help support you, please email her at: