Bullying: Are You Walking the Walk?

The start of a new school year can be quite a process, not just for our kids but for parents as well.

Throughout this process parents have come face-to-face with various fears by putting their baby on a bus for the first time or enrolling their child in a new school for them to experience a new everything. For some, it’s mentally preparing, not only ourselves, for the high school yearsbut our son or daughter as well. Some of these fears and worries manifest from our own personal experiences; and sometimes these experiences are unintentionally reflected in our own homes and communities…like bullying.

This article by Brenee Brown points out our viewing habits as one unintentional way we place approval on bullying. It seems that millions of people cannot get enough of the reality TV and the drama it brings.  There are people screaming at each other, cussing at each other, even slapping one another. When and how did this become a form of entertainment? We ask our children to speak kindly and thoughtfully about others but how often do we practice that with our own community groups? (And please, don’t think for one second that children doesn’t hear you talk. They have big ears and, worse, their minds are like sponges!)

The most blatant source of bullying I saw this summer was by a major magazine- when TIME released their 2012 July issue. That was a real slap in face as far as I was concerned. Mothering is hard enough without pitting mom-against-mom. Then of course, more recently, there was this homecoming prank by some high school students in Michigan.

We recognize publications that bully us from the magazine racks, we are watching TV that encourages bullying inside our very homes, and as parents,  we actually participate in it ourselves.

We need to stop wondering and asking where our children are learning this type of behavior because the answer is blatant and simple. We are supposed to be our children’s greatest teachers and role models. So the big question is: If we aren’t going to walk the walk, then who is?