Concierge Therapy & Counseling

Concierge Counseling: This offering is exclusive and is counseling at it’s finest! You will not have to fight traffic, worry about people seeing you or anything else…because I come to the safety and comfort of your office or home.

New concierge clients should anticipate:

  • Purchasing an initial six (6) block session
  • Initial blocks are scheduled in consecutive weeks
  • The initial block is paid for in full when the first session is scheduled
  • The address of the home/office is provided at the time of booking

             Providing the address at the time of booking allows me to verify that I can provide the        service within the appropriate parameters.

  • Rescheduling, cancellation and no-show policies are applied and you will be charged for the session in full if it cannot be reschedule in-person or online with 2 business days.
  • Discussing the environment for limitations and appropriate attire

I often get asked, “Amy, isn’t appropriate attire obvious?” Honestly, it’s not. I support and serve people within different professional industries and each one has it’s own culture and style. I want to be able to blend into your environment because your confidentiality is very important to me- it’s hard to do that if I stick out! 

Once the initial six block sessions are completed you are considered an established client

Established Concierge Clients: may purchase in two (2) session blocks at a time.

Concierge Counseling is offered at 230.00 per session.

* Please note, this service is provided to those within a 10 mile radius of Athens, Georgia.