Your Free & Fulfilled Life Workbook

Does living a free & fulfilled life feel just out of reach — leaving only a path filled with worries, loneliness, & disconnection?

You’ve tried, sought, fought and worked to create this life for years and you have given up from the exhaustion and overwhelm of it all.

Quietly, in the back of your mind, you tell yourself that you must not have what it takes, you aren’t worthy of a life that leaves you feeling happy, content, and peaceful because whatever you try, it never works.

You are starting to believe the life you dream of, the life you have been waiting for, just isn’t for you.

I know. I’ve been there. I wrote that same story line for myself.

And I am here to tell you, that story you have been telling yourself? It isn’t true. You are so deserving of the life you want.

My own path was filled with loss, hurt, deep loneliness, and resentment. I had to learn how to stop avoiding all my fears and learn to let go. Learning to let go and to stop “white knuckling” my life was (and still is) the most terrifying  thing to practice. As I learned to let go, I also realized I had been focusing on all the wrong things and asking all the wrong questions…as were many of the women I supported on their own personal journeys to freedom and fulfillment.

You, my dear one, have to get refocused and start asking the right ones if you want your fulfilled life!

Your Free & Fulfilled Life Workbook, will help you start defining success on your own terms (no more comparison shopping for you!) and get you moving into the life you have been dreaming of!

♦ Eight self-paced lessons focusing on the core elements of mindfulness and meditation so you are never overwhelmed again;

♦ Activities and journal prompts to get you headed in the right direction while using tools you can apply on the very first day you start the workbook;

♦ Practical meditations that you can use anywhere, anytime, when you need it most;

♦ Two guided, 1-minute breathing techniques for beginners to get you started and comfortable (audio download);

♦ One 17-minute, visual meditation for the bold beginner or more experienced practitioner (audio download);

♦ A Self-Care and Support Plan so you can start asking and receiving the encouragement you need and deserve, when you need it;

♦ Designed for you to use time and time again. This isn’t your typical one and done workbook!

Your Fulfilled Life is here and waiting for you so stop hesitating.

Simply say, “YES!” and take your first step to Your Free & Fulfilled Life…

Are you are wondering, “After all the promises that have been made (and broken) does this workbook actually help?”

Read below to find out what others have said about Your Free & Fulfilled Life:

-“The tips were so practical that I could use them right away…things are finally starting to get better now.”- B.

-“I was able to see how I started approaching my kids and husband differently, it was so cool to know the situation didn’t have to unravel.” -L.

-“I had no idea what I was going to do…I have a plan now and feel so much better, thank you, Amy!” T.

Go bold, go brave and start defining your success on your own terms!