Grief & Loss

You’ve experienced the loss of parent, spouse or child and have entered a nightmare and  you pray every second that you’ll wake up…but you never do. 

All you see are the shattered pieces on the floor and picking them up feels to painful and unbearable so you pretend, as hard as you can, that they aren’t there. Yet, you feel the sharpness of the pain with every step.

You’re drained, exhausted, struggle to focus on work, listen to anyone who talks to you. You’re not sure which way is up and taking a shower or getting to the grocery store is simply too much.

You’re disorientated because your life looks the same, other people are acting the same (well, sorta) and yet everything is completely different. You know in the depths of your soul things will never be the same.


In order to move through this horrific, unbearable process, you must allow yourself to actually experience the sadness and pain associated with who you lost. (Truthfully, I wish my experience had taught me differently, however, I continue to learn there are no short cuts here.)

You can pretend the suffering isn’t there however, the loss, hurt, pain, and anger you experience will start to seep out into the relationships that remain: your work, your friends and you family life. These feelings will show up as symptoms in your body such as:

  • migraines
  • loss of appetite
  • irritation
  • increased anxiety
  • a suppressed immune system

There is another way if you willing to bravely choose it.

With the support that I offer with those struggling with the loss of a spouse, parent or child you start to see light.

You will move with more grace as you give yourself the permission and space to feel all the anger, guilt, pain, and sadness. The guilt will ease when you laugh, you’ll cry a little less when you look at pictures of your baby, you won’t avoid and be so scared to drive the same stretch of road where it all changed and you’ll find you stop counting the days and years ever so slowly.

You and I will work together to create the right support so that you can feel safe and secure again. You will learn to cope with the situations (and loved ones) who tap into your painful memories or thoughts.  You’ll welcome new paths and options that you were never able to see before. 

Authenticity and confidence will be your new way of life because you’ll know, deep in your heart, you’re in balance with life, The Universe and God. This balance will bring you a renewed sense of faith and control of your life filling your lungs with the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving.