How Do You Speak Love?

It’s February and I am jumping on the band wagon of the retail world (only I have the decency to wait until February!)

One of the things that I most often treat inside my office walls is Depression. It’s a serious problem and there are many reasons people suffer from this- one reason is that people feel disconnected from those who are the most important people in their life. It could be a parent, friend, mentor, or partner.

Whenever I see this pop-up, I always ask my clients to describe how they feel loved. So I pose this question to you: how do you know you are loved? How do you know you are important?

Some people have the answer while others remain unsure. They often have an idea but aren’t quite able to describe it.

We end up disconnected with those we love because we are trying to express our love to them in the same way we feel loved. If you are a “Gifts” person, this does you no good when you are trying to connect, or reconnect, with a “Words of Affirmation” person.

If you find yourself struggling to connect or understand what makes you feel significant, loved, important, and cherished, I want you to go pick up the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman or go visit this website. While there are many versions, I typically recommend the Five Love Languages for Children (assuming you are a parent or work with children) because it’s a great way to bring it in under your partners nose without raising suspicion 😉 The information can be applied broadly and have helped those I serve apply the information to their place of work!

Good luck finding and understanding your love language- as well as those around you…