Insurance Questions

Yes, I accept insurance! 

I accept all BCBS of Georgia plans and all PPO/POS plans.

Will I have to file my insurance claim?

No, here at HT&C you’ll be taken care of and supported every step of the way!  My team and I will handle the verification and billing once you get it to us. No, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using insurance and I’m considered in-network or out-of-network.

**Important Note to Insurance Clients**

All insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for us to file a claim on your behalf. 

Amy, I don’t want a diagnosis, what can I do? 

Many women I support prefer to avoid a diagnosis because of their position within the workplace and community or they want to keep things private. If any of this sounds true for you then cash will be the best choice for you as it allows me to keep your information completely in-house!

55-minute sessions are 125.00. 

90-minute sessions are 150.00 (non-insurance clients only).

I’m using insurance and would love a 90-minute session. Why does this not apply to me?

This stinks and it’s totally unfair (and yes, I sounded like a 5-year old!)…insurance companies will not reimburse for 90-minute session even though many of my clients find them significantly easier on their schedule and more helpful.

Will my insurance cover online sessions?

Yes! BCBS covers all online sessions and if you have a PPO/POS plan you’re not be affected by this.