The Therapists’ Therapist: Mindfully Build Your Business for Success

You’re been dreaming of building a low-drama group practice filled with amazing clinicians where everyone thrives!

You’re ready to get off the merry-go-round of indecision because you can’t get your solo-practice foundations “right.”

The income you earn is “never enough” to get you to the next level.

Juggling a growing business and family has left you exhausted and wiped out.

I get it… been there, done that AND lived to tell about.

I overcame my self-doubt, stepped into a leadership role, created systems, brought organization, action steps (with a whole lot practice and patience) into my life so I could catapult my own group practice, Holistic Therapies & Consulting, to the next level.

My Story…

I took the looong route to do all that and, looking back, I needed someone to help me get out of my own way from the start.

I can’t tell you how much energy I would have saved myself if I had a mentor to guide me and support me… and that is why I feel called to serve helpers just like you! You need clarity, focus and encouragement if you are going to build your dream- this is where I step in with unwavering support!

Investing in yourself is scary, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

Schedule a Free 45-minute Curiosity Call so we can talk and learn together how you can start getting the support you need and deserve…even if that means it’s not me right now!

  Ready to start your free & fulfilled life?

Here are your 3 different packages specifically designed for YOU to make investing in yourself simple and guilt free, no matter what level of business you are in, because you deserve a free and fulfilled life! 

Mindfully Build Your Business for Success Foundation Package, Your 10-week Package

This package will provide basic foundation tools and templates you need to start your business while strengthening your mindset. You will receive support, reflection, feedback and unwavering encouragement so you can gain insight about where & how you keep getting stuck and the courage to dig deeper so you can reach the success you have been wanting. The foundation package will catapult your business with hands-on practical tools through two workbooks and personalized guidance from 11 hours of conversation.

  • One (1), two-hour Map & Plan Your Success Intensive where we discuss what you want to accomplish at the end of your 10-weeks
  • 9 weeks of private consulting, via one-hour calls, is where you will  gain insight on on the following business foundations:
      • Values, money, & self-reliance
      • Knowing your “why” to keep you in alignment
      • Time management & work style 
      • How to maximize your action steps
      • Identify & overcome limiting beliefs
    • Your Free & Fulfilled Life Workbook (w/audio recordings)
    • Mindfully Build Your Business for Success Workbook: Foundation Tools & Templates

Your Investment :  3270.00 (3 payments of: 1090.00)

Mindful Mentorship, Your 4-month Signature Package

This is perfect way to get to complete that one project that seems like it just can’t get done. Well, that all stops now! Or maybe you are a seasoned owner who needs support to get to the next level. This package provides you with 9 hours of direct support and a special access to me and other like-minded business owners just like you:

  • One (1) Map & Plan Your Success Intensive
  • Private mentoring and consulting via 1-hour calls, every-other-week for seven weeks, to keep you on track so you can keep rolling towards your success & dig in-depth into challenges you may be struggling with
  • FREE BONUS! Your Free & Fulfilled Life Workbook (w/audio recordings)

Your Investment: 2943.00 (4 payments of 735.75)

Map & Plan Your Success Intensive, Your 2-hour Package

Being human means we all get stuck my friend, it happens.Yes, even to the most seasoned business owners. However, with this intensive you will get clarity & strategy all rolled into one! This intensive will launch the do-it-yourself’ers (it’s totally a word) into that next project by providing:

  • Time to brainstorm your top 1-3 big ideas or projects
  • Chose the one with the highest impact for you clients and yourself
  • Identify the steps to take to complete your project
  • Create a strategic plan to overcome the top 1-3 challenges

Your Investment: 654.00

Amy S. Lasseter has over 11 years in the professional field and 7 years of experience in the business world. She built a successful and thriving brick and mortar group practice while juggling family life. She went it alone and while there were major wins, hard lessons were learned, and now she knows… it’s so much easier when you have personalized guidance and unwavering support!

 Still feeling unsure of your needs? Totally get it! Investing in yourself is a really big deal… 

Schedule Your Free 60-minute Curiosity Call so you can learn more about the support I provide!