You Know (You Just Know! )There’s More to Life

You’re drowning and suffocating from the weight of your life.

You followed the rules and, outside, it’s a picture-perfect life.

You make all the soccer games, all the gymnastic meets.You kick-ass at work and hell, you and the kids even make it to church every Sunday!

You’re living a lie because, inside, your lost, unhappy and it’s a daily battle to stay afloat.

You don’t know when it happened.

Or why it happened.

All you know this is not the life you envisioned for yourself.

The worry, guilt and shame quietly build every day because of the unhappiness you experience. You tell yourself things like:

  • I should do this. Just say, ‘yes’, it will make them happy and it’s not that big of deal.
  • People have it worse off than I do…these are first world problems.
  •  I just need to suck it up and get over it.

You rush through every morning.

Making sure the kids have their snacks, lunch boxes and homework are in their book bags before rushing out the door. You and your husband give each other a quick kiss on the cheek and your off and running. Truth…

You’re running just to simply keep up with your day.

You go to bed at night barely talking to your husband because you’re so exhausted from doing #allthethings alone while hoping he doesn’t want to have sex because you’ve got nothing left to give.

You can’t remember the last time you even enjoyed sex because you’re always distracted by the 900 other things that have to get done. And truth be told, your resentment grows a little more every day because he always seems to enjoy himself (the son-of-a-&$@!$!)

You secretly wake up every night feeling empty thinking,

“There has to be more…there has to be more than this!”


What if I told you:

  • You don’t have to keep living this lonely, soulless, isolated life.
  • You can trust that you’re connected and loved.
  • The family, the life, the home you’ve always wanted is right there.

Quiet your mind and allow your heart to imagine this…

You take a deep breath while your shoulders and neck feel at ease and completely relaxed. You laugh easily with your husband, you flirt, hold hands and make-out like teenagers as you both watch your children grow with grace, love and confidence.

And the friendships- the beautiful heart-warming friendships you’ll craft have with other women (I know, say whaaaat?!) These women will love every part of you- they simply want you to show up. No pretending, no mask, no strings…no one else to take care of.

Your heart lifts because you (yes, you) have this beautiful life with freedom to breathe and relax!

There’s so much room for you to simply be you.

To play, be silly connected and loving while still being a strong, confident woman who gets sh*t done! 

It’s amazing and you know you can handle whatever life throws at you. You’re at peace in depths of you soul because you are living the exact life you were meant too.

This is possible because this is exactly what I help women just like you create! Sounds good to you, right?

Oh, my God, yes, schedule my appointment already!