Teletherapy Services

Amy Lasseter with Holistic Therapies & Consulting in Athens, Georgia now offers teletherapy services. She has a specialization in teletherapy and aspires to help clients find renewed humor and joy, all while regaining control of their lives; leaving them feeling centered, balanced, and confident.

Amy’s use of teletherapy enables her to provide psychological advice, and support via the internet or over the telephone. This type of online therapy gives clients much more flexibility in how they want to attend their sessions. This remote approach to counseling sessions has been known to help people with a variety of issues such as managing stress, social anxiety, some forms of depression, and even relationship issues.
Everyone is busy these days. It is more common than ever that both men and women are working full-time. Managing the stress of full-time careers, relationships, and children can be challenging. Mothers that return to their careers after having children sometimes struggle in finding healthy boundaries at home and in the workplace. They might feel guilty for saying no to something they are asked to because they feel as if they have to do it all resulting in over-commitment. Amy Lasseter at Holistic Therapies & Consulting in Athens, Georgia can help people change this way of thinking through individualized teletharapy sessions. These teletherapy sessions can help you learn healthier ways to balance your work and home life. Learning how to take better care of yourself will greatly improve your quality of life.

Often times we get so busy in a routine that we just go through the motions. We start reacting to what is going on around us and forget to listen to what we need as an individual. We forget to take care of ourselves. Teletherapy can be used in counseling individuals to form healthier habits. These healthier habits can help you find the balance that is needed to improve both your way of life and your relationships.  Amy can help you to stop reacting to the environment around you and start moving through life in a proactive, confident way.

Remote therapy in a place where clients feel more comfortable can make them more willing to continue their sessions and get the help they need. By using teletherapy you can have these sessions in the comfort of your own home. If you can’t get away from the office you can schedule an online session at work. Finding time just getting to a therapy session is hard between work and family life. This particular type of therapy makes some patients feel more relaxed by eliminating that uncomfortable feeling they get when attending face-to-face sessions.

There is nothing more important than you and your family. Busy lifestyles mean less time for what is needed sometimes. We can’t be everywhere at once. Let Amy Lasseter at Holistic Therapies & Consulting in Athens, Georgia help you develop a positive approach to life with teletherapy sessions that will put you on the right path….. without even walking out your front door.

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