Online Counseling Services

Online Counseling: Navigating the Hamster Wheel of Life

Experience more happiness while decreasing frustration, sadness and overwhelm

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Momprenuers, small business owners, and women who return to their careers after having a family struggle in finding healthy, supportive balance at home and in the workplace.

You often feel guilt and shame for saying “no” which results in over-commitment, exhaustion, anger, resentment and overwhelm.

You’ve a got a default button that says, “Try harder, do more.”

Often times you get so busy in a routine that you are only going through the motions- you’re reacting to what is going on around you, forgetting to listen to  your needs and take care of yourself.

Feeling helpless and powerless leaves you stumbling through life– that’s not living.

Learning how to take better care of yourself will greatly improve your quality of life because you’ll  reduce decision and compassion fatigue in all aspects of your life.

Women in Leadership: Expats and Diplomats

You are in a leadership position serving overseas as a diplomat or expat you need the support, comfort, and understanding that can only occur from those in your home country. You’re faced with time change, culture shock, changes in work environments, and you’ve had a serious shake-up and loss of relationships in your life.

As a woman serving in leadership you are faced with additional layers to overcome such sexism, loneliness and isolation. This is a painful, hard place to be. Getting support from online counseling can truly help you navigate these waters.

Between work, personal relationships, and family life, just finding the time to get to a therapy session can cause enough stress that you need, well, therapy. This particular type of counseling helps clients feel more relaxed and the worry about judgment falls away- my clients have made huge leaps forward due to online counseling.

Benefits of Online Counseling

Online counseling is used by people just like you to create healthier work environments, habits, and overall well-being. Aligning all these pieces of your life can help you find the balance that is needed to create new relationships while improving your current ones.

Counseling in a place where you feel safe and comfortable means you are more willing to continue your sessions and get the support you need. If you can’t get away from the office you can schedule an online session at work. There are so many benefits to online counseling so if you still have concerns, check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Amy S. Lasseter at Holistic Therapies & Counseling in Athens, Georgia can help you move through this way of thinking with individualized online counseling sessions. These sessions can help you learn healthier ways to balance your work environment and home life.

Using online counseling enables Amy to provide you support through video sessions or over the telephone. This type of online therapy gives you increased flexibility in how you want to attend your sessions while helping you create:

-experience happiness, balance & ease

-increase self-care & energy levels

-deepen your relationships with loved ones.

Busy lifestyles mean less time for what is needed and we can’t be everywhere at once…yet, there is nothing more important than you and loved ones.

Let Amy help you develop a positive approach to life with online sessions that will put you on the right path…without even walking out your front door!