Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions

HT&C Privacy Policy Top 3 Policies:

1. It is our policy not to accept “friend” or any connection requests from any current or former client on any of our therapist’s personal social networking sites such as Facebook, Intragram etc. as it may compromise your confidentiality and blur the boundaries of your relationship.

2. HT&C, and its therapists, may have a professional profile or platform on LinkedIn page, Facebook page, groups and blogs. This is where we post and share about information about mental health and well-being.  Should you choose to “follow/join” us on a professional platforms:

— Do so only if you are comfortable with the public being aware of the fact that your name is attached to HT&C and its affiliated groups, their varying platforms and therapists.

3. All of us here at HT&C promise to NEVER share your information with anyone!