Individual and Adolescent Therapy

Individual Therapy

As adults, there are times in our lives when we get so distracted by making sure everyone else’s needs are met that we forget about our own. How can we take care of the people we love the most when we are feeling drained and discouraged? Quite simply, we can’t.

Older Adolescent Therapy

Are you wondering what the greatest challenge is that your teenager is facing? Their greatest hardship is that their lives are in a constant state of transition, turmoil, and stress. As much as they want to lean on their parents during this developmental stage, they fear disappointing those they love, and their innate desire to remain autonomous keeps those who love them most at bay. When adolescents come into our office, they no longer worry about who they might disappoint, who is judging them, or any disapproving looks they might get; they can relax and be themselves.

Individual therapy, for both adults and adolescents, allows the person to express their emotions, thoughts, frustrations, what is overwhelming for them, and why they feel disconnected from their world. When this occurs, it’s called emotional unloading.

The first 3-4 sessions focus on the individual emotionally unloading. The remaining sessions focus on identifying the problems, increasing or developing their coping skills, and working through the issues to attain the desired goal.