Therapy for Parents

It seems like the demand for parent involvement is at an all-time high. How do you get it all done between swim practice, gymnastics, baseball, doctor appointments, and let’s not forget Georgia Football season? If you work outside the home the schedule is even more cramped! When do you find time to have the important conversations? Or figure out how to stop all the negative behaviors that your child is showing? The thought can make you want to pull your hair out!

Positive Behavior Support Plan

With over ten years of experience treating children with behavior concerns, professionals at Holistic Therapies & Consulting have learned that each child deserves a unique lens and set of tools from which to observe and modify his or her behavior. With a firm grounding in the principles of behavior analysis, the therapist’s approach deviates from traditional behavior modification, in that she seeks to treat children with behavior concerns as part of a family system. Using the family systems approach, each child’s behavior is observed, recorded, and then a positive behavior support plan is created. This is a living document that receives input from all family members and/or educators involved. It has clear goals and objectives, with the understanding that these can continually be modified and updated no less than every two months, depending on therapeutic progress. It is typical for children and caregivers to receive treatment in home or in office once per week after the implementation of a positive behavior support plan. It is imperative that caregivers receive consistent support as they are the backbone in the implementation of the plan.

The cost for a new clients is 200.00

One-time Parenting Sessions

This option is best for those who desire a less structured approach than offered with a Positive Behavior Support Plan.

The session is 2-hours long and occurs inside the office of HT&C. There is a brief form that must be returned to the therapist prior to the appointment (completed by at least one primary caregiver inside the home). This helps ensure that optimal time is spent with the caregiver(s) discussing the behaviors of child and focusing possible solutions. The cost for a two hour session is 125.00.