Rest & Connection for the Overwhelmed Woman

It’s so damn hard.

Being a mother,  a woman, boss, entrepreneur and leader isn’t going the way you thought.

At All.

The battle between work and life never ceases- there is always someone who needs something, leaving you drained, overwhelmed exhausted and resentful. Constantly juggling family life with worry and changes on how to grow your business, department, or team.

No one is really there solely in your corner supporting you.

You’re so freaking tired of doing it all alone! 

You drift off in your thoughts at work and home and wonder:

  • What would happen if I stopped juggling and let it all fall apart?
  • If I stopped be the glue that holds this life together? 
  • Do I even want this life any more?

You’re trapped and paralyzed with fear because…

  • You don’t know what you want.
  • You don’t know who you can trust to simply be you with.
  • You feel alone and isolated even though you’re around people all day.
  • You carry guilt, worry and fear about what other will think or say about you everywhere.

You’ll have a safe, open space when we team up.


Feeling completely balance between yourself and life demands because you’ll see with absolute clarity what it is you really want. Your deeply rooted confidence will allow ease with every step because you’ll know that you are loved, seen, heard not only by your loved ones but by yourself, those you lead and your higher power too. You”ll trust in who you are as a woman, mother, wife, leader and friend.

This is exactly what I help women just like you create when we chat in-person or through an online session! Take a deep breath, relax, sit down with your coffee and we’ll connect, laugh, and figure it all out together…