Therapy for Women in Business

It’s so damn hard.

Being a mother, a woman in leadership, female entrepreneur, or small business owner isn’t turning out the way you thought, is it?

You remember longingly the days being fun and amazingly free…and you miss the ease and confidence of your former self. The battle between work and life never ceases- there is always someone who needs something, leaving you drained and overwhelmed.

Constantly juggling family life with worry and changes on how to grow your business, department, or team is exhausting and lonely. There’s a very quiet part of you that wonders, “What would happen if I stopped juggling? What happens if I let everything fall?” I’m here to tell you- you can stop juggling. You can let everything fall if that’s what you really want.

That’s the problem though…

  • You don’t know what you want anymore and can’t remember the last time someone asked you, let alone the last time you asked yourself.
  • Too many shoulds and ifs are walking around in your head…”I should do {x}…I should do {y} because if I don’t {insert guilt, worry, shame}…”
  • Technology keeps everything moving at such a fast pace you don’t know which shiny object, platform, or gadget to reach for.
  • The voices of “too much” say that your dream is too big while the voices of “never enough” say you’ll never get there.

I want you to know, it’s not true. Your dream isn’t too big and you’ll get there…only you can’t get there on your own. No one can!

You’re not alone once we team up.

You’ll gain balance between work and life because you’ll see with absolute clarity what it is you really want. With your deeper clarity and understanding you’ll welcome the return of confidence and ease because every step you take will bring you closer to your goal and into greater connection with who you are as a mother, wife, leader, owner, and friend.

We’ll chat at your home or office through online or concierge counseling. You’ll start welcoming in the balance, confidence, and ease you’ve been looking for.

Take a deep breath, relax, sit down with your coffee and we’ll connect, laugh, and figure it all out together.

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