In-Person & Online Counseling

You have the opportunity to learn what my other clients have- you gain an incredible amount of insight when using in-person and online therapy! 

-In-person: This is where we meet face-to-face for a 55-minute session. We chat, we talk, laugh, cry (FYI, I’m an empathetic crier!) and dive into your challenges, explore them, and figure out a game plan.


-Online Counseling: During these sessions you and I meet over the phone or through a secure video feed. We talk and chat just like we do in-person. The differences here are…

You get to show me and introduce me to your environment. You can show me your house, your pets, your favorite place to relax…the list goes on! This is really amazing because I get more insight into your life and the chance to connect with you a on a deeper level. I’ve also learned that we, as people, underestimate how much our environment impacts us; so knowing how your home is set-up, constructed, and looks carries a lot of therapeutic impact.

  1. When you utilize phone sessions…you’ll take amazing leaps forward. This is because you’re unknowingly holding onto thoughts and judgments about how I will perceive you.
  2. Participating in a phone session allows the protective walls to fall away and allows you to show-up as your whole self. To call it an amazing experience doesn’t quite do it justice.
  3. You don’t have to fight traffic, worry about being late and rushing for us to meet…pick up the phone can call me or click the link in your email. That’s it!

 In-person and Online Counseling sessions are 100.00 per session.